Most common drugs are chemically manufactured, small molecules. Small molecule therapeutics are organic compounds, with a molecular weight of less than ~0.9 kDa, and are typically taken orally. These drugs readily cross cell membranes to reach their drug target and act on physiological processes. An example of a common, small molecule drug is acetylsalicylic acid, the active ingredient of Aspirin, which has a size of 0.18 kDa. In contrast, large molecules, known as biologics or therapeutic proteins, often have to be administered by injection. Insulin, with a molecular weight of 5.8 kDa, is an example of an injected, large molecule drug.

Specifically Manufactured for Quality & Efficacy

Exxel Pharma’s URB937 and URB597-based ARN drugs are synthetic, small molecules that are chemically manufactured using specific synthesis steps. The company has patents covering the composition of the therapeutics, their manufacturing processes and methods of use.

URB 937

URB 597